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Primary duty of care – Consequences under sec 19 WHS Act

Primary duty of care is the requirement of Section 19 of Work health & Safety Act 2011. PCBUs not satisfying their primary duty of care may face heavy penalties and other fines. Given below are number of recent examples of WHS prosecutions that illustrate that point of fines and jail punishments sentence. A waste management company was prosecuted and fined $650,000 because one of its employee [...]

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Risk Management of Solar UVR. What you need to know?

The Threat Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is a type of radiation that is produced by the sun and some artificial sources while the sun is the main source of UVR it is not the only source. UVR also comes from phototherapy, solariums, fluorescent, neon and halogen lighting, industrial arc welding, UVR lamps, ‘black lights’, germicidal UVR lamps and UV lasers. Solar UVR is part of the [...]

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Evacuation Diagrams; How much compliant you are?

Evacuation Maps or Evacuation Diagrams form an essential component of a facilities’ overall emergency response plan. Detailed in Australian Standard 3745:2010 ‘Planning for emergencies in facilities’, Evacuation diagrams provide emergency and evacuation information relevant to your facility and should be displayed in suitable areas such as exit routes or common areas. Evacuation Diagrams are to be individually orientated and include the following key requirements. These [...]

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Does your First Aid Arrangement need a review?

Does your First Aid Arrangement need a review? Imagine a real First Aid emergency when you’ll be testing whether your First Aid response, treatment and procedures are adequate and effective or not. And “failure” is certainly not a word you want to listen in such a situation. Indeed a real life First Aid emergency is not a good idea to review; but you can always set [...]

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