Qantas’ globe-spanning plans and alliance with Emirates Ariline.

A reshuffling in Qantas-Emirates airline alliance has raised many questions in the industry and Emirates management is no exception. With the advent of no-stop, globe-spanning flights by Qantas, relationship between both the airline will now be challenging; said Tim Clark (Emirates President). The new arrangement is limiting Dubai stopovers by Qantas while adding Singapore for its London bound routes The two airlines signed a new [...]

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Can Qantas maintain its upward trajectory?

Whether Qantas shares are judged a stud or a dud depends on your time horizon. The shares have zoomed 266 per cent since their 2013 low, but they're also flat with where they stood 15 years ago. Qantas isn't the only airline whose share price has taken a return trip over the long-term. The airline industry is where ego and capital go to die, leading Warren [...]

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